Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's Start Things Off With A Doozy!

If anyone is reading this outside of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area , you may have never heard of a local group called Catholic Parents Online, or 'CPO.' I may even take a gamble and say that many people in the St. Paul/Minneapolis have never heard of them, either. The goal of CPO, in their words, is:

"To build a network of faithful, dynamic, and informed parents, students, and alumni, committed to working with Catholic schools, other programs of education and the community at large, to ensure the authentic teaching and protection of our Catholic Faith, and to address issues that undermine our Catholic Faith and Morals."

CPO has a television show that they show every Sunday night on the St. Michael Broadcasting's network of UHF channels, 16.1-16.5. Since my family decided to dump our satellite T.V. provider this past October in favor of a convertor box, I am able to pick these channels up if the weather is just right. Although I am not Catholic, I do enjoy watching the SMB channels. They play classic movies from time to time, and often showcase beautiful churches from around the world and have informative shows that highlight different Catholic topics from the Saints, politics, etc.

One Sunday night this past January, I was flipping through the channels (all 28 of them, if the weather is in my favor,) and I was surprised to see that CPO was tackling the topic of Freemasonry in a 3-part series. The host, Colleen Perfect, introduced her 'expert' as being a nurse! I sighed a bit and rolled my eyes. What did I expect from them? To have Christopher Hodapp or another Masonic scholar on? Of course not, but I did expect them to at least offer a scholar who was a historian or a scholar in the Catholic Church that had some merit. Then I could at least respect where their opinions were coming from because they might actually have some weight to them. I really perked up, though, when Mrs. Perfect also mentioned that her 'expert' owned a travel agency that took Catholic pilgrims to Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Mexico City, Mexico. Now I was really hooked!

I watched the first episode, which featured on the roll that Freemasonry had to play in the Mexican Revolution. Afterwards, along with help from W.B, Nick Johnson (,) there seemed to be some 'teeth' to her story, as some Mexican leaders used Freemasonry as a way to rise to power, and then do unspeakable acts to gain control of the country. But it was Part 2 that really got my attention as it focused on what Freemasons 'believed' and how they are a 'diabolical religion' and their number one goal is to 'destroy the Catholic church.' I forgot to mention that we also believe that 'Man Is God' and that the letter 'G' represents a certain part of the male body.

I am posting the link to this video at the end of this entry and I hope that you check it out. This episode inspired me so much that I ended up giving a LEO presentation on it that focused on how, if stories are told long enough and the facts are never challenged, that they eventually become fact. I used a common nursery rhyme that we all know that is based in fact, but had been tweaked just slightly, therefore causing it to take on a whole different meaning. Add to that the Leo Taxil Hoax, and it made for a very interesting presentation, indeed!

I would like to add that by posting this, I am not attacking the Catholic Church in any way. I think that something like this is relevant and I think that we have a right to know what our detractors are saying about us.

Please watch the video and feel free to leave comments!


  1. One of the things that drew me into Freemasonry were the absolutely whacked conspiracy theories that abounded, and I have spent much of my Masonic career exploring them and the thinking behind them.

    Oddly, nobody seems to care about my perspective as an actual Freemason.

    Welcome (back) to blogging!

  2. Tom,
    Thanks for the warm welcome of return!
    I have always been amazed at the conspiracies, too. Even when we are quick to denounce the 'black sheep' that have been in our organization, we still are seen as nefarious evil-doers. All groups have people that have done some bad things, like the Boy Scouts, but the whole organization is not condemed.
    Oh well, it just makes it interesting for us!